Choose wedding dress before you figure out what your body type

How does your body shape, you got it right for your wedding dress? For selected wedding dresses and how did you choose! Or do you have your own design ideas, tailor-make a set for himself the perfect wedding dress? With or without, we now learn how to choose a wedding dress!

     characteristics of trapezoidal shape, narrow shoulders than hips, waist and chest despite the line characteristics, and the hip is not a big gap.    

when choosing a wedding dress should be selected to waist line highlighting design, drop waist and hip circumference increase;  

     second, the limitations when choosing a wedding dress size smaller, you can make full use of the advantages. If you are beautiful girl breast shape optional low cut design, leg beauty girl choose short wedding dresses. Are suitable for the type of wedding dresses have a Word, Fishtail, princess cut, fit, Empire, bias-cut;

     If the newcomer is a pear-shaped body, this body type features a bust and hips full, waist-hip drop, thighs, thick, overall a plump  , in choosing a wedding dress to lift chest design is best, because busty girls might have pendulous breast shape. This body type best to avoid too close to the new design, in particular, to avoid the disadvantages of lower body exposed, to focus on the upper body, highlighted the advantages of chest. Suitable for wedding dress-a-, Princess, Empire, bias-cut;

     If it is triangular in shape should choose narrower shoulders or slanting shoulder, wide hips, thighs, thick, down the body's Center of gravity as possible select a tube top or one shoulder design gap between balanced shoulders and hips, and avoid excessive lower body fitting design to avoid lower body weaknesses exposed, to focus on the upper body, highlighting the neck line. -Suitable for the type of wedding dresses have a Word, princess cut, fit, Empire, bias-cut;

     thin rectangular shape early developing girls for such a body, elongated flat chest and waist, hip line are not clear, relatively thin. Because the body is too thin, trying to avoid fitting and fitting design, so as not to feel very weak. Increase lower body skirt loose, or raise chest and hip shape design;  

thin rectangular shape, girls can choose a character style, Princess, Empire, bias-cut;

    , wide rectangles was compared and thin rectangles, broadly oblong shape more plump, thymus and buttock line, legs slim waist line is not obvious, shoulder width with the hip width, in selected dresses be sure to highlight the waist design, or choose strappy wedding dresses, can shape the waist line. Can show your femininity. Suitable wedding dress for the a-Word, Princess, Empire, bias-cut.

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