How to book wedding photography?

Wedding is an integral part of the process of each wedding couples wedding essentials. How a book is not running around in circles, leaving the unfortunate memories? make up wedding photos for steps, so that couples can relax understand the process of filming.  

  1, collecting information  

facing a wide variety of styles, first to collect the dresses you want, shooting style, styling information, good communication with the photographer after discussion.  

  2, visits the Studio or Studio;

visit 4-5 Home Studio or Studio, comparing the package sets, because each service will vary, so that we can know, business services are all you need, a look at the piece, two services, three look at price. According to the filming style, quality of service, with a total budget, select your satisfactory Photo Studio and Studio. To the last selected photo studio or work space, according to the budget, compare packages. Detailed shenkan film contracts, avoiding consumption trap, for later consumption aware. Most importantly their honesty! time cost about 1-2 weeks.  

3, the date set for deposit + photos under  

wait until after you negotiate better business, confirm whether the amount including tax, hair-how to open. Determine the time of payment, payment in several stages, must be clearly written in the contract. Determine the method of payment, credit card fees added. Determine whether the contract has the right to review. General review for a period of 7 days, during the period under review does not take into account consumer unconditionally refund all deposits and over 7 day review period shall not refund, transfer to other consumer. Shenkan contracts before signing the contract, if there is no reasonable or unclear provisions should immediately ask the service personnel. Requires shop service personnel, before each process service or you must come to call.  

zhihou on can decided good photo date, General Studio or work room will in according to you of requirements for you arrangements reasonable of photo time, this time also very of important of, because wants to took out good film not only need excellent of photographer, more need photographer of creation State good, so in selected Shi do don't pick statutory holiday and the weekend, because then of people too more, although has excellent of photographer, but due to row period had tight, is easy appeared "catch work" of situation, pair new also in photography shed brewing mood , But several, in such cases the photographer is very difficult to have the patience to wait for new entrants into the State, which shoot out results, photos tend to look dull, dull.  

4, pick shot dress, want to communicate feels  

new shooting day, needs to how it feels, looks, shape, need to communicate and discuss in advance, so as to exclude new people want style. Most happy moments in life, everyone wants to look their most beautiful side and eternal retained, so choose a suitable clothing is the key. Studio has a special selection of wedding professionals to their clients, they can give you expert advice, therefore the sisters may be appropriate to listen to their views.  

5, before the photo is ready to  

ensure the quality of sleep, don't stay up, let alone tension because of the photos. Do not drink water before going to bed to avoid photographs the next day eye edema. Washing your hair, get rid of armpit hair, trim nails. Read the note on contract, understand the photo process. Photo day required inventory listed and checked.  

6, photographed the same day  

eat a good breakfast and in good mood and confident attitude. Do the cleansing work, apply moisturizer to complete the bride skin care of the face. Groom beard NET, carrying black and white leather shoes. Invited to accompany a patient and reliable friends and relatives, taken with a camera recording tidbits. Early into the shop to try on dresses. Do not carry valuables, take the cash and items that you want, remaining at the bridal shop in the safe deposit box. Attitude towards staff polite, with photographers, makeup artists to establish good and effective communication.  

7, select Photo  

is generally a week or two after shooting can see photographs, staff will be notified at a specific time, can also be agreed upon in advance. Prescribed date you can see photos in the Studio Demo, in the selection of photos to see the number of photos in advance of a lot more, which is why they make money in these photos can be selected according to their favorite, if you select photos beyond the scheduled number of photos than you need to pay.  

8, the first us-redacted version  

new pick a week, Studio or workshop couples choose photos, focus films, such as thinner, face down.  

9, the second us-redacted version  

in revising and proofreading for the first time in a week, workers will first draft revising the contents of the control to see if it meets new needs.  

select matching   10, merchandise and photos;

referring to wrap gifts, such as the Zoom box of the appearance of the border selection, picture this, thank.

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