Wedding photography must know a thing

Wedding photography, is in preparation for the wedding of a very important matter, but many couples don't have much experience, this small series of wedding photography to tell you the things we need to know.

first, prepare the day before

night should do at home beauty treatments, facial mask, eye treatment, so that the skin in good condition the next day.

shooting the day after using cleanser carefully washed, emollient moisturizer on, then skin care cream. Because to bridal shops here has, however, store to buy these is not against your skin and all, will make you feel unhealthy, which affects mood.

in addition, the "yogurt beauty" and "rain day" two MM reminders, specifically add that makeup artists recommend makeup rub their skin care products, these products can be bargained.

"the bottle" (instant beauty liquid) value, or a small jar of seventy or eighty, a photo shoot down at least four bottles. The money might as well buy a good skin care product, a good skin conditioner. And the kind of instant beauty fluid so obviously do not understand there is no side effects. Cosmetic Skin Conditioner good for their investment. Photo Studio is "once in a lifetime  " mentality to death to make you money.

II, cosmetic satisfaction may require

wedding photos are once in a lifetime, makeup artist perhaps chest piece "*** studios Chief makeup artist" sign, don't be intimidated by this, instead, a makeup artist you will find that everyone is Chief make-up artist. Makeup you may make your request before, wrong, then you can request a change of make-up artists. In addition, remember to claim false eyelashes stick a layer would be nice, put up after two or three floors, I do not know his bride and groom is.

third, in addition to the above, new people have the questions must also be asked to understand the following:

1, the selected shooting package has several styling? model does it include?

2, the groom change? can the makeup? whether prior communication with the stylists and photographers?

3, can the makeup? arrangements prior communication with the stylist, photographer?, and?

4, modelling required bottle, Nail Polish, false hair, false eyelashes, hair ornaments, flowers (pictures of bouquets, wreaths, flower, flower shoulder wrist ...) Are there extra charges such as part? Nail Polish modeling to replace it? need to increase?

5, stylist to the specified fee? if it was shot two days if there's any cost, such as stylist, makeup testing fees

6, stylist of the day but also peers, help to change your style?

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