Three steps to help you select the most suitable wedding photography

Wedding photography is aimed at newcomers an important process in preparation for the wedding. Today's market there are many wedding photography, how many types of wedding photography, pick out the best, most suitable for you? Look at Xiao bian recommended four strokes, you may be able to help you!

    : initial selection   three parameters that must be followed

first of all make reference to the wedding photos are finished, are the key to filter. Can refer to recent wedding photos of family and friends, asking them to recommend a suitable Studio; can also go to the wedding site like 591 marriage network snoop on other users ' experiences, advice, wedding exhibition, buy channel is also great way to let you understand wedding photography market.

in the filter can be based on these three parameters:


1, sales of services quality wedding photography is art and service products, so taking quality photos at the same time, also want to examine customer experience in the process of taking pictures is good. This sort of experience is often rather abstract, in comments from friends and relatives or friends about the wedding photo studio's reputation. Small series but heard some wedding photo studio at the marketing stage and late-stage service attitudes vary wildly, so choose carefully.

    2, pleasing to the eye level of different wedding photo studio, photography style, there are differences in style and post production style, choose the most suitable for you, to put it bluntly, is the most pleasing to the eye that you look.  


3, price budget before choosing a wedding photo studio at the beginning, it is best to have a psychological price, and must be strictly in accordance with the price to select brands, packages. Avoid budget rises because of the temptations of the vendor. After considering these three parameters, preliminary you can pick out the wedding photo Studio 8 or so.

II: speaking skills of telephone calls   from two places

Next, you will visit shops, before you rush out, phone advice, time saving and convenient. How to choose the right Wedding Photo Studio, the candidate Studio package contents and prices, and few candidates wanted to take the time to tell staff, check whether there is a season. Should preferably 6 months before the wedding selection wedding photography agency, 4-5 months before the wedding shoot, because now a lot of Studio work will be presented with a wedding photo wedding invitations, 2-3 months of the production to be reserved and confirmed the time, in case of making invitations do not meet the requirements, too late to rework. This filter can be partially incompatible with your needs Studio shoot. This filter can generally be Studio worthy of in-depth understanding of the remaining 5 or so.

III: field trip   priority 4 problems

little made sure to remind everyone that visit wedding photography is a very hard thing.

hard one needs to travel long distances. Large number of Studio Studio in Shanghai, is very widely distributed, to go over 5 in one day will not be easy.

hard the second reason and need grinding mouth. How to choose the right Wedding Photo Studio, wedding photography in store sales are quite good with words, can talk to you for hours without rest. And from time to time, throw some concessions to attract you, if fatigue plus will not firm at this time, that couples may have not set foot in several other camera under the brand before the conclusion of a marriage.

If you wish to avoid this dual hard, Xiao bian recommended you can choose 591 wedding exhibition this exhibition more than once about wedding photography brand, but in such a highly competitive exhibition, often readily gives the brand a variety of concessions, without time-consuming deal.

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