Wedding photography ideas let through

Travel TV series big heat today, wedding photographers also began to "trend" couple took own conceived script, mobilize the whole family to participate in, shoot the wedding at the same time experience the feeling of time travel.

, husband of the Princess in the movie, the play married couple outside

officials sit on either side, the Royal feast. The dinner, dressed in sword my son-in-law after the drew his sword at his waist, where you spin a week, provoked one of the cakes from the fruit bowl is in front of the Princess, "the Princess, please!" Yesterday at about four o'clock in the afternoon, when reporters arrived at the chaotian Palace, "love/a III" crew is filming the bridegroom handed the Princess cake scene. And the play, husband of Princess and in reality it is a upcoming wedding couple. "We're going to November Banquet, is now filming a wedding video. "The bride said Liu yan, Zhu Jianfeng and groom her 8 years ago in the insurance company know. Long time love, two people together. Because they do not advocate extravagance, two people who only want to simply throw a wedding, but the "Star-crossed lovers" after conception, the wedding simply won't start. Both mobilize the family relatives to this little story, characters in the play have more than 40 people, including Queen's, civil and military officials, the maid and the eunuchs, Emperor, all of them were relatives of the young couple. "Shoot it here today, after also to Egret Island Park shoot another day another. "Liu yan said.

according to the bride introduced this "love/a III" plays the groom himself conceived, is divided into three parts: the past and the present life and the afterlife. Chaotian Palace this play is "past life" section, perhaps more than 10 minutes. Story takes place during the reign of the Tang dynasty, then Empress was pregnant for 12 months without production, worried the emperor. Chemists everywhere, finally attained the people teach, select one from the Prince Chancellor recently pregnant women will also produce into the Palace. Japanese, was elected to the House of Xiangyang, his wife gave birth to a son, and soon after, the Queen also gave birth to the Princess. The Emperor immediately refer to legitimate. 20 years later the two married.

"now most Westernized of the wedding, and everyone, so I find it boring, started just going to simply do it. "Groom said of the idea, said," I like Chinese things, think of making a costume drama. ”

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