Wedding photos how to "smile"

When couples for their wedding photos, photographers all want new people to a happy smile, natural smile, but new people are nervous when wedding photography, it's easy to look stilted, so how in the world "laugh" happiness course?

1. How can you laugh you were beautiful?

the wedding don't force a grin. Some people laugh grin, some suitable for grinning, to be decided according to their looks and temperament.

but no matter how to laugh, has to be not just mouth sideways grin, laugh like this muscle is too prominent, face being transverse tensile, Chin was pulled clear, loose lips there will be folds of skin.

BA down inside, smiling, mouth slightly open. Note here mouth slightly open refers to the upper and lower teeth apart, lips slightly closed. So it looks small pointed chin face, more photogenic. There is also a professional model Nirvana, the back of the tongue against the upper front teeth, face more perfect!

small series is here to teach you a trick, taking out MM bag mirror, smile in the mirror a few times, to find the right smile. Don't be shy to smile more beautiful under the MM are at home in the mirror a lot of thought.

2. can't smile do?

there are many MM are a beautiful smile, but wait until the picture did not laugh, even if the laughs will be very stiff, how can this be good?

small series to court, according to the photo experience small, snapping at the State to remain calm, don't be nervous, once tense facial muscles stiff and smile will be stiff, so do three deep breaths, eat some chocolate, let yourself relax.

first, when taking pictures, you can think of some more happy about, or even think of some funny jokes, some funny stories or memories, when the bride was able to laugh naturally.

Second, the whimsy is King! when shooting wedding, the bride and groom's interaction is very important, they don't just stand there like a log in person once in a lifetime. Be sure to come, even and photographers out swing POSE, just relax after the photos, to make dynamic.

no smile, no? just take out your personality!

not laughing is necessarily "iron brides"? wrong! brides if you don't laugh, just find the right tips can make pictures a different feel. How don't laughed but did not face the bride? xiaobian secretly tell you.

1. viewpoint and feelings!

point of view is very simple, everyone knows one side up 45 degrees is perfect, but we did not find, up 45 degrees to the side at the same time, as long as the mouth slightly stretched, side looked like they were very happy smile!

Similarly, bow, nod, shallow smile, easy three-step on your face will be filled with the taste of happiness!

loving show, displays of affection in the eye, photos can be affectionate. Imagine are laughing and listening to a lover complained, no Oh God don't binocular.

hypnosis is also a very good way, imagine that you are the most beautiful person, don't worry about their looks does not look good, be relaxed and confident.

2. do not laugh to create personalized bride

now is the pursuit of new personality, wedding photos, too. Since the bride is not laughing, then I simply don't laughed! don't laugh, create the personality of extraordinary cold, wild bride.

However, small series to point out that not laugh, does not equate with a straight face, needs a subtle expression on her face, such as eye contact can be assumed a posture of indifference, but don't stare too hard, or the result will be very scary!

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