Spring fat girls teach you how to make the perfect wedding pictures

Wedding photography, is one of the most important issues in the wedding, also is one of the greatest concerns of the bride-to-be. Many busty girls in one way or another concerns before their wedding photos. Fruity faces, strong arms, round hips. In addition to losing weight or is there a way to quickly make the most beautiful slim wedding photos? Actually, if you put on clothes, choose the right makeup, fat bride can also make the most perfect wedding photos.

    , fitness equipment   fat stealth

     buxom girl, smooth lingerie is very important, like the seamless padded underwear and panties cut simple.   Avoid in your chest like a detonator flattening underwear. During the filming of wedding day "corset" role is crucial. To allow you to quickly have the perfect body type.

Second, thin face makeup and cleverly match

     wedding date close, round meat pie face is fat brides are most worried about the place, in front of the wedding photos are taken, to take the initiative to communicate with makeup artist well. Avoid the use of potent drugs to lose weight, the body hurts, her face sallow, don't look very well. Listen to the makeup artist's experience suggests, using ingenious makeup match appropriate tiara and earrings and other jewelry, transferring Visual and highlight the body, round sensual face feels much smaller.

third, slim dress    extend the graceful figure

     longer than the width of the thin skirt is the right fat MM.   And the skirt of a similar length and width is taboo. It will make you full body seem like buckets, short and fat. A-skirt dress, one shoulder dress, high waist wedding dresses etc are a great choice for busty girls. Material strength of the wedding is more suitable for a lot of busty bride in relation to its full part, focus on different styles of wedding dresses, slim shape perfect body type.

thin waist high waist wedding dress style vision

features: strong material, personal effects, modified chest and waist effect. Choose waist wedding dress trimmed with lines, visually slimming.

a-skirt wedding gown create the perfect proportioned

feature: skirt size, modified body effect. Select a simple design, satin material of top pasta tumbling, elongated line as a whole.

     one shoulder wedding dress styles perfect modified stout arm

feature: wedding dress very texture, modified arm flab effect. High waist corset collection cellulite, highlighting the delicate curves.

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