Another flavor of ancient wedding photography

Classical beauty in every girl's elegance is the number one in the eyes of everyone in their own pursuit of a beautiful, the choice of most wedding photography wedding photography in period costume floor or wedding photography studio view camera, new people can finish one more group of antique Chinese style wedding costume character of graceful wedding photography, the picture is absolutely beautiful to popcorn!

     when put on a Han Chinese clothing ladies, sitting in front of a guqin, Luo sleeves hand, caresses the strings, wouldn't it be felt? not fit or not to like? Never mind, I'll change in mourning clothes to try, put on cumbersome and luxury of the Tang Court, that silk, delicate fabrics, beautiful style, definitely allows you to instantly find the feeling ... ... Again, you can put on the Qing dynasty court dress, wearing headgear turned to a "Princess" this is also a good choice.

     traditional costume wedding photography because some of its characteristics, traditions and customs is normally male left, female right ancient belong to men, who are left to, so the ancient habits of respect left. Based on the historical figure can reproduce the ancient life, or you can take a historical figure as a theme repeated history of a replay. Men sit stable, is generous, to highlight the big man. Are neatly symmetrical to sit, stand,.

     when shooting wedding photography is very important to have a beauty, gestures are supposed to do, or unable to make ideal a costume effect. Classical beauty eyes face, advocates smiling toothy, looking back with light. Two people sat side by side at the same time, man's legs should be slightly apart, hands slightly wider than shoulder-free grip, flat knees; Miss legs should be slightly together and the men's hands held flat on the knee. Background with gold and Red motif in period costume, costume-specific background: view ancient, picturesque setting, printing architecture, red, black, white, etc.

     costume wedding photography prices are generally in the range of hundreds of, if there are promotions, it would have been more favourable, some will tell new people that is free of makeup, ultimately going to cost of cosmetic products. Wedding Photography Studio will provide you with cosmetic packages, flutter, which include Nail Polish, decals, cotton puffs and Anping, the customer can be purchased separately to suit your needs.

    , of course, some Studios also couple later purchased the film at a later stage, which is not desirable, the couple can also see other people's experience, I believe to make a satisfying result.

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