New generation of what wedding theme, we take a look at

Time is always evolving, as wedding photography, too, we are always looking for changes and breakthroughs. Now the latest trend of wedding themes and personalities are what? Come with us to find out:

        fashion and individuality

       style wedding market in recent years, style is unique. Young couples increasingly fond of Photography Studio full of personality, unique wedding photography studio shot ideas and color sense, opening into our now fashion new style of wedding photography is born, and don't even have a store wedding photography studios are springing up, gradually eroded the traditional wedding photo Studio.

       Korean and European

      80 married after this moment, enjoy the romance and warmth is their greatest desire. Wedding Photography Studio is a good grasp of the psychological characteristics of this generation, tend to design home style warmth generation photos, in my happy scenes of the frame of full House.

       personality and alternative

       as more and more "$literal" the young man slowly began to married, wedding photography market also quietly change: on one side, on behalf of "personality" personalized wedding photography studio with a new model on the market forming a lot of "shock waves"; and Studio mode has developed rapidly, forming various forms of scale in order to meet the needs of consumers.

       you a new generation of new people, do you distress to traditional wedding photography? Try the above elements, maybe there is a new surprise.

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