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Background in portrait photography is an important part of the

Pictures of people as the main body, the background is very important through the relationships of the characters and the background can reveal the inner world of the characters. Background in the portrait is one of the most important elements, provide an aesthetic sense and can set off topic.

     from the practice of portrait photography, the background may be more   species diversity, flat, deep, which has an indoor, outdoor ... ... How background depict the sitter's character, you can consider the following aspects:

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    , according to photos and want to clarify a topic to select the background of people pictures, photographers usually has a clear theme, due to the different themes, photographers in the choice of background, it should be based on specific circumstances a reasonable trade-off.

    , for example to display the subject's career, we can work as its background, and the use of natural light photography, sought to picture an atmosphere of normality, as an important part of the picture environment, environment to bring people, used to prompt the inner world of the characters.

     If the photo is a reflection of the character's appearance, temperament, the background should be simple, simple is better, so that can be enhanced to a great extent, make the characters look very bright and vivid.

     in order to depict character's personality and his artistic achievement, the photographer chose a huge abstract painting background and paint were also made on the subjects of clothes, this unique background image contrast very prominent and memorable.

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     II, according to the background of the content to different stops once the background content, how to display the background becomes a key issue.

     the manner in which to display the background, it depends on the contents of the background if the background is the  , and an integral and important part of the picture, through which you can send out information to help visitors to understand the subject, it should charge a small aperture's practice, provides background detail with clarity.   If background is used as a tone compositions of distinct from the subject appears on the screen, you can collect   with zoom aperture method so that it appears in the picture   fuzzy.

     c, mastering the share location in the background on the screen   the status in the background in the picture is the best, no provisions, but some can refer to.

     If you're shooting a portrait was taken vocational environment, the background can be used, just not to the extent portrayed bin claimed the earth people travel photos, places appear in the painting, the position of the background as much as possible, avoid uneven view film broken. Also, the characters more full-length picture background, so as to avoid congestion, chest like photo, portrait photo, background should be less, makes the audience's attention more focused on the subject.

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     four, to avoid some negative background to the background contrast, beautification of the sitter, which will affect the background of the picture is beautiful. In photography, there are several views generally should not act as a background:


    1. Scene messy complicated.

    2. Distracting bright pieces of scenery.

    3. Has a cool scene (because when it is reflected to the face by subject, will make the figures showing the illness).

    4. Contrasting intensely powerful scene.

     "photography is the art of subtraction", that is if everyone is catchy, this rule still apply when photographing, background foil is the function of the theme, and can't take a theme, so the principle of simple. In a simple change is on the portrait, for background processing to work toward. More model photos, is to give you a good reference, not law, grasp principles, not just the perfect background processing, and can even change applauded, applauded the backgrounds, come together!

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