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Couple photo you want that way

Tired of cookie-cutter couples photos? Tired of watching this pretentious couple photo? How to make creative beautiful unique couples photo? This article will teach you make a wonderful couple posing with the photos!

first: sweet style

in the photo, couples can hold. Remember, the displayed position does not mean that the model is stiff and boring. Out of specification are always welcome.

based on this position, we can change the camera angle, and couples a little change of posture, you can take more pictures. Slightly change the position to change a photo, this is always useful.

  or you can let them sit. Posing for more exchanges and have fun, rather than just telling someone what to do.

second: art style

the so-called literary fan, can in fact be said to fan art, flowers decoration, bright background. Remember: don't be afraid to add background in your photos!

third: cool style

whenever photographers consider "couples want to see in photos", I think they want to look cool. So you always want to design some cool poses. Couples need not always close together, separated them, and then strike a cool pose.  

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