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Appreciate beauty stole the car shot sneak peek

Can be said to show not only the fans event, photography lover's paradise. With good subject does not mean you can easily shoot out success works here we combine some auto show success or failure of the photos talk show filmed some of the considerations.  

 , background and subject;


these two photos were taken at the auto show, won't say how the composition, model posture is in place, let people feel that MM is the picture turned dark, in fact, the subject of two portraits are cars, but the photos reflect the subject but did not stand out. Is why we commonly used mode when the camera viewfinder is extensive evaluative metering, so cameras based on the picture's average exposure metering parameters, and the brightness of the background is greater than the brightness of the subject, so the end result is the whole picture exposure to normal, MM less critical look "dirty".  

this problem is common but is simple to solve. First you can use exposure compensation, increased exposure when taking pictures, you can be half, or subject and the background light is not very obvious cases focused on metering, exposure measurement points that MM face (pictured below):  

the second method is to use Flash as a secondary light source for compensation, but be sure to use the slow Flash, so that ambient exposure sufficient (pictured below)  


these two photos though figures accurate exposure, but Flash straight on the face would be somewhat stiff, and the background is very dark. Mainly because of the photographers just using the normal Flash mode as the model of the camera fill light, but there is no note in this mode the camera's shutter speed correspondingly promoted to the Flash sync speed, such as 1/125, 1/60 seconds. From Flash flashes according to the focus of power and Flash up to place dark.  

If you want to change this, best camera when shutter speeds drop to close without Flash the measured speed and reduce the amount of Flash exposure (camera flash exposure compensation), you can also use the camera night mode so that you can achieve good results, is one such example in the following figure:  


third, the Guide Number  

usually we use digital cameras to take a tiny flash of an index, but it is important to keep in mind when you don't put too much confidence in its ability, look at this picture below:  

presumably the photographer of this picture using this Flash models due to an insufficient brightness underexposed the background is seriously under-reported. I think if this photograph does not rely too heavily on Flash and slow flash mentioned above, the effect will be very different.  

four, using ambient light  

light color illumination on the exhibition is very complicated, but if you use some decent photos, as shown below:  


it all depends on your field experience and grasp.  


five applications, Aperture,  

comfortable with Aperture is a prerequisite to take excellent pictures when shooting portraits or people should use a larger aperture, blur the background, highlighting the subject. While shooting scenes when you need to use a smaller aperture to increase depth of field, made clear before and after pictures of scenery. Figure:  

large aperture blur background  

small aperture makes things clear  

but also note that under normal circumstances, the maximum aperture of the lens is not the image the best aperture, to take in 1 to 2-can significantly improve photo quality.  

six, topics  

General exhibition visitors definitely, try to make clean will need to pay attention to the problem.  

the photo above although moderate exposure, but was due to missed background processing screen cluttered.  

this photo while away from the crowds, but the background wall and window, especially the no smoking sign is very beautiful.  

above is some of the auto shooting experience, above photos are from the Internet, the shots of the photographers did what few personal inferences, may not be accurate, and is designed to explain the problem. I hope you can shoot in the Beijing International Automotive exhibition works to your satisfaction!   

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