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Models fall in love with your outdoor portrait note

After when you have a digital SLR, you will want to be able to take it out away. And portraits are all very fond of, especially with a group of photographers to photograph beautiful models, and what a happy.

such activities are also very much, whether it is the IT portal, or image website and Forum are often taken outside activities. We have many opportunities for outdoor portraits, participate in outside activities, we should at least bring great light delineating burnt head, in order to ensure better blur effect, focal length in the 85mm-135mm like a standard lens for good, General 100mm focal length lens for shooting with shoulder heads above 135mm lens can shoot head close-up shooting.

in outdoor shooting model, in addition to their own equipment into the best State, we also need to pay more attention to light while shooting, for outdoor portraits, though light enough to shoot clearer, but have to consider, such as backlighting and light is too strong, they can easily lead to shadows on the model would show up. Keep a low ISO camera, in order to guarantee better quality performance. Following several small series to introduce need to pay attention to some outdoor portraits.

as a model face light  , please bring your reflector

photography is an art of light and shadow, so when you shoot the models, we pay more attention to changes in light. In order to model's face and figure better show, we need to consider the location lighting, side light and side light is better. Because when the Sun is down, the light is too hard will make annoying shadows on the model's face.


looking for a light position

the best light for shooting outdoor portraits before time is 10 o'clock in the morning and after 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the points of light are not too strong, and side light, suitable for portraits. Addition is under cloudy, portrait is also a very good weather.

reflector models even under strong light can be made

so when the Sun is too strong, what do we do? At this time we can bring reflectors, we know that light can easily lead to a model's face is heavy, reflector can play an important role at this time, can be addressed to the model's face light.

backlight photo carefully   don't let the models into large black

when shooting outdoors, also note that backlighting. In backlight conditions, we can easily face into big black face model, so how can we avoid this from happening?

in fact, if you do not intend to shoot silhouette effect, be careful when you take out in backlighting shooting. Outside the solution in addition to using reflectors, we can also take an external Flash, lost weight and then adjusted according to the light flash.

ensure the correct exposure is more   use of cameras spot meter

the correct exposure is the portrait of the most important, is also the most important in photography. In the portrait, in order to better guarantee the exposure is correct, we can attempt to use spot metering, although it has a certain degree of difficulty, but when you master it, you'll find it brings you convenience.  

picture is too bright or too Dim? Remember the plus/minus exposure compensation

When you are using a large aperture portrait lens, usually after using a large aperture, can easily lead to the overall portrait is too bright or too dark, when we need to pay more attention to exposure compensation.


in addition, when you're not using spot metering, but when using the other metering modes, also need to use exposure compensation. Especially when the models wore white clothes and white background, this time when white is not white or gray in the picture, we need to increase the exposure compensation. Because often when camera is automatically centers as the main metering, white will make the camera mistakenly think that the environment is very bright, and therefore result in underexposure.

certainly, general situation Xia SLR camera of machine beta light system can is good of on shooting theme for accurate metering, but in some situation Xia need avoid errors measuring, as big area bright or dark background, wear full black, and full white clothing Shi, this when can implementation are, and negative exposure compensation has, so said exposure compensation in portrait shooting Shi also is very important of.

conclusion: Although the outdoor portrait photography is a very interesting thing, but also more attention to lighting and camera operation, only in this way, our models can be more attractive. And more than a few tips, believe in your outdoor portrait photography can help.


use spot metering of the camera

for many masters of portrait photography, using the camera's metering spot on the skin, and then focus the eyes, is that they frequently use a shooting skills. Our portrait photography, you can also try this method.

When you use the spot metering, we can choose the model's face was spot metering, the exposure lock button in and press the camera so that you can ensure the right exposure, then focus and composition.

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