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When to shoot portraits outside 11 Tips

How to get good pictures when taken outside? Technology is better and, of course, more poco taken outside of Exchange, so there is a lot of progress. This edit summary when to shoot portraits outside 11 tips, I hope can be useful for novice, by the way in a series of works for everyone to enjoy. &Nbsp;

1,   select a focus

when the AF, the camera picks the closest object lens to focus and tends to focus, so abandoned using autofocus mode. Select a focus, this is the photographer must learn.

2,   to focus on the eyes

eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes are one of the most sensitive points on the face, most important parts of good photos. When the aperture when fully opened, eyes focused, even fuzzy skin, Microdermabrasion can also save you this time.


3,   full open aperture, small depth of field

there is more reason for you to buy a large aperture lens. Most consensus in order to shoot a small depth of field. Amazing light effects and attractive background blur, can be obtained from the large aperture.


4,   filmed try 70mm or above

many mm  after watching the photo will have this question: "why does my face looks swollen? " 。 Any 70mm shots can cause varying degrees of deformation. Telephoto effect of the compression space, can also deepen the background blur.


5,   shooting raw files

this has been stressed a number of problems. Before you modify the white balance, exposure, sharpening, and so on, Raw file allows you to retain more detail and maintain quality.

6,   with a gray or gray-card paper

allows you to modify the white balance Raw files. Imagine that you use automatic white balance shot 300 photos, there will be 300 data at this time, when you later adjustment, in order to be consistent, you may need to readjust the white balance to each photo. But you can be in a variety of shooting a gray card, white balance recorded in post production when you can read directly, saving you time.

7,   to avoid direct sunlight, in a sheltered place to shoot

direct sunlight is a hard light, makes the main ghost, face hard shadows and inaccurate white balance. For example, in the shade, only a soft dappled sunlight, can make you the subject nature and sometimes can create beautiful lighting effects.

8,   cloudy and careful when shooting

cloud is a soft box, cloudy was taken to make the color more saturated.


9,   When you really have to be taken at the end of the Sun

reflectors or Flash can be used to control the direction of the reflection of light. If not for shooting silhouettes, just try not to let the Sun lens. Better way is to change the shot angle and direction, or wait until the Clouds obscured the Sun when the filming soon.


sunny 16 rule 10, learning

This is the basis of photography, the camera's metering are not always accurate.

Sun 16 of the basic law are as follows: outside in the Sun, if the aperture is  f/16, then the shutter speed should be the reciprocal of the international sensitivity index of the film. For example, outdoors in the Sun, such as the aperture is  f/16, and the film speed of EI100, then the shutter should be  1/100 seconds.

the exposure formulas:

Sun 16 cloudy day eight

cloudy 11 end of four

cloud top 5.6

wet snow at sunset

indoor stadium two second leg

the living room stage shutter eight

11, carry transparent white

can help you reduce the Sun, creating a soft box effect; can also be shielding effects, wind effects

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