Portrait photography

Portrait photography for beginners quick start 10 skills

To take a good portrait, there are many details that need attention. Portrait photography itself is divided into many types. For photography beginners, here are 10 basic tips to get you started quickly, make qualified portrait works.

1.  IRIS

big aperture like f/1.2, f/1.4, f/1.8. 50mm f/1.8 as long as hundreds of pieces, it is a great lens. APS cameras, 50mm lens equivalent focal length is 80mm, is ideal for portraits.

2.  shadows and uniform light

models in shaded areas, and the light shines on the models face must be even. Models stood in the shadows facing the light source is best.


3.  on the eye focus

If you use a large aperture lens, make sure that the focus on the eyes. Other areas of the face under the shallow depth of field will be slightly off focus. Want to enhance this effect, you need to be near a model shoot, it is best to shoot close-up.

4.  careful selection of Aperture

If you want to make full-length picture, it is necessary to carefully-selected aperture, to ensure that the model in all parts of the body are within the depth of field. If you are using a large aperture, such as f/2.8, depth of field is too shallow. Aperture narrow to f/5.6, while keeping the shutter speed is not less than 1/125s, if necessary, increase sensitivity or fill light. This is just a suggestion, you may want to try different combinations to find the best settings.

5.  manual mode

many articles suggest using the aperture priority mode. In the 1th month of your new camera, this is no problem. But if you want better, they must learn to use manual mode.


6.  kicker

ensure that the models ' eyes have a certain reflection. Can do this even in the shadows, keeping models and the direction of the light source would be nice.

7.  props

don't let the models empty handed, give them something to hold. Common props are the bouquets, even a man can take a picture holding a bouquet.

8.  attention to the background

the background light or in shadow, in short, to keep things simple, the model is the subject of the picture. When shooting outdoors, the best choice for open background, rather than a Bush or a wall.

9.  clothing

take the focus model's dress. Clothing and accessories are part of the picture, as Visual authors you should have a choice.

10.  Learn to Photoshop

Learn how to use Photoshop helps you edit my work. In addition to the basic operations, should also learn to find and use the "action". These technologies can improve the quality of the pictures several levels.

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