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A detailed analysis of light in portrait photography skills

Light, as a foundation for photography, the light quality and light in portrait photography is the photography has a very important influence, especially portrait photo. So, how to use different light quality and light take the same high quality photos, the following will introduce you to using light in portrait photo tips.

one, with a hard shot

the so-called hard light, are those that can have a contrast in scenery shadows of light forms. This is like shooting, especially figure photo shoot when the genre rarely used light. Advantages of hard light is a clear shadow, is difficult to control the screen contrast of light and shade and the ratio of the picture. Shooting women are generally light control than about 1:2, but use hard light light control than this range, it is almost impossible, the easiest way is to use a reflector to fill, this reflected light weakening face contrasts of light and shade.

   can ignore the ratio control, enhanced screen contrast, using light to "tell a story", uses light to convey emotion, hard light and this is different from other light, which is the screen expression of emotion more intense, deeper. For hard use, also note how enhanced styling through the environmental effects. Is to know what kind of environment you should use hard optical light than, what kind of environment you should control the light. When using a hard light, exposure control is very important. Exposure overexposure level or more in order to increase the contrast of the picture. Or underexposing level or more, while reducing the contrast, but can make the tone down, to express certain emotions.

Second, shot with soft light

soft and hard light instead, referring to people who do not figure significantly chiaroscuro light surface forms. During the filming of women is often used, because it can be highlighted the performance figure, skin texture, making white. Get soft light is simple, a piece of white linen can direct light into the soft light. Curtains, white umbrellas are available as light diffusion device. Light the light control should be controlled at about 1:2. And soft light is more suitable for shooting scene, and those smaller than the middle of the composition, so that more prominent character skin texture. Soft light exposure can be more than half-a-level shooting, this can make the skin of the characters more fair and transparent.

third, shot with front light

   front light is light to the positive projection of light forms of the characters, this light character of most of the body receive enough light, and relatively average, so will not form a contrast of light and shade on the characters ' faces, good exposure control. Along the optical film is light and safe, and thus cannot be focused, so rarely used in a photo portrait of a class. But the front light is suitable for shooting close-up and close-up this little scene, because it can show every detail and specific levels. Sometimes, the most direct and straightforward description of effect is often much better than who deliberately made. Use light exposure is not excessive when, using average metering can achieve the desired effect.

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