Portrait photography

Portrait pose start portrayal

What is a close-up portrait? As its name suggests, is to model facial close-up (close up). Not every model is suitable for shooting pictures, serious rough if model skin, facial features and face shape has obvious flaws, you should try to avoid shooting itself. Because when this photo was taken, focusing distance is close, especially if taken with DSLR digital SLR, the depth of field will become very shallow. Focus, attention should be focused closer to the lens of the eye.

because the photo almost entirely occupied by the model's face, so models consisting of eyes and mouth expressions, it became the place of photos mainly. We can start by steering the model an environment and show the appropriate expression, more fleshed out of sight, the degree of smile, and take some pictures of it. However, each of the features only models face, seem slightly dull. Close-up photos can make some changes, such as the shooting distance farther, shoulder and left hand models also come in, use hand movements, the camera angle changes, create a different effect.

photographing models 37, relatively easy to highlight the outline of the model, add photo icing. Different models of the two eyes and the lens distance, should focus on when shooting close to the lens of the eye (in this figure as the model's left eye), otherwise the picture will be the feeling of focus.


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