Portrait photography

Indoor portrait planning and adjustment

Early planning and preparation of

preliminary plan includes a lot of things, such as: to the subject and time, and the environment. Good planning can make the film to achieve a multiplier effect. This group of films to show vibrant images of cute when girls just get up in the morning--Hello World (wave to the world), so that I got a very big, with bright rooms with French Windows, let the sunshine coming in, creating a consistent theme, pleasant atmosphere relaxed shooting, keep the models most relaxed state. This model embodies both of them and clothing subject.

shooting tip: pay attention to the details of scenes and other factors and details to apply will have unexpected results.

shooting needs for photographic equipment and accessories

recommended home shooting camera with high quality good of photographic cameras, so you can in the case of the light through the camera's ISO to take care of the environment, easier than a tripod on it. Focus lens for lens is generally chosen is appropriate, such as: 24-70, standard zoom lens. 35,  50 or even 85 delineation of focal lens is also suitable. Because this group of films the big room, so many movies are 85 fixed-focus shot. Meanwhile, flashing lights, reflective panels and other accessories are to be prepared for. After when these conditions are met, you can start shooting.

shooting tips:  used no side of the lens, even AFS14-24/2.8G the super wide lenses can be used, using the deformation characteristics of some different kind of film.


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