Portrait photography

Portrait photography tips

Shooting indoors like   

shooting site uses style, shooting time and expect to achieve creative effects. Starting from indoor shot is for subjects, especially children are a great way to fit the lens. If you choose an outdoor portrait photography from the start, you are likely to be running around the children cruelly toss.

2.  reducing exposure clean background

turn off the House lights, set the camera to spot metering mode and character facial meter shooting, indoor underexposing, this will clean the black background.

3.  for the occasion costumes

in outdoor shooting, sometimes it's hard to find colorful backgrounds, especially in winter. So, in the dark days, might help the subjects put on colorful clothes, pattern enrich, added images of warmth and visual interest. Conversely, in the Golden summer of Sun, shade trees, blooming flowers, composed of bright world, in order to avoid being photographed objects buried in a fun environment, you can ask them to wear simple design, colorful clothing. With some replacement clothes when taken outside, is always a good choice.

4.  looking for a clean background

simplicity is the key to a successful portrait photography is one of the background, this is a matter of course. Some wallpaper or upholstery as personal as a family shoot pretty well, but if the decoration is not so charming, may wish to try the sofa back as background.

light from outside into the Interior, on the sofa, added a picture the warmth and highlights the color of the sofa. Using that skill, even a black leather sofa can show different luster.

5.  enjoy your life every day

just bring subjects to garden or a nearby park is far from enough to take a good photo. Excellent portrait photographs are often derived from the casual moment, reveals the perfect expression, and these moments often appears on they play one day, until you forget the camera when there is.

in that case, why not make a day of the project. Filmed as a kind of everyone's experience, walking hand in hand in the bushes, sharing lunch with family, Sun on the beach. When people began to guard down, you can take the more natural pictures, and also for a day of happy happy experience, doesn't think the trip is to take pictures and take pictures.

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