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Exposure and lighting tips for good model MM

Using various metering modes, and actively seek out the available light source, can contribute to indoor portrait photography textures enhance, make special works of photographers and models like.

different from the natural light available in the outdoor environment, photography in the model room, you must pay attention to the source of light, direction and strength. Mastery of light and sensitivity, is to determine a set of portrait photography is key to the success of the work, therefore, in addition to actively changing the metering mode and adjust the exposure value, a readily available natural light source to seek venues available, if necessary, should set up their own Flash lights and outside lights like artificial light, such as light. The following key tips for you, some models of portrait photography photo exposure and lighting tricks.

models like photometric standards

many beginner DSLR photography novice, the usual mode of automatic exposure mode is AUTO, p, or a variety of situation model to model portrait, it is necessary to temporarily reject the automatic mode to "Av Aperture-Priority Auto" and "m-manual exposure" mode is the preferred option. Asian women's skin colour, is inherently a bit yellow, Orange, if using the default standard exposure value, take out pictures, model skins tend to be too dark. Then we can have higher "exposure value" about 1/3 to 2/3, you can make model colour more bright and transparent, but also not to be overexposed detail loss. Metering mode commonly used average metering with spot metering, central point, as to when to use them, in principle, depending on the scene and light position to judge. Like light models average bright front light scenes, you can rest assured that using average metering; negative or contrast between bright and dark scenes, suggested the use of a central point or spot metering, face skin parts and models for metering points, not only reduces the chances of exposure errors, can also avoid spending too much time in the back light meter and revision of the exposure value on top.

in addition, using Flash, sheds light up artificial light, such as light, these important factors affect the photometric values must be taken into account. Will shoot beautiful models, it is recommended that more use of natural light, if insufficient strength of natural light, artificial light will be able to intervene at this time fill light, but the proportion of light intensity shall be kept, adjustments to strengthen the natural light of the shortfall and avoid Flash is too strong, that damage light and Visual atmosphere.

used to merge light and average metering mode, ensure that the model and background exposures are moderate. In addition, shooting women recommended that the exposure value slightly increased from 1/3 to 2/3, not after we have too many business processes, you can get model skin looks shiny and transparent.

shooting information: Canon EOS 1D Mark I IN+EF 17-40mm F4L USM.

f/5.6 aperture, shutter 1/60 seconds  ISO 400, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model: Xiao Yu photography: Seven.

shooting information: for information: Canon EOS 5D Mark II+EF 35mm F1.4L USM.

aperture f/4.5,  shutter 1/80 seconds  ISO 400, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model: Xiao Yu photography:  Seven.

too much white in the picture, will shoot camera metering errors caused underexposed dark image, recommended to set exposure compensation value from +2/3 to 1EV, or use manual exposure mode, choose Aperture Shutter combination to take a proper picture brightness.

as for the exposure according to the selected, usually we are still dominated by models face, models, after all, is the protagonist of the scene rather than any other background, so the background slightly over exposed, quite endearing way.

shooting information: Canon EOS 5D MarkII+EF 35mm F1.4L USM.

f/4 aperture, shutter 1/80 seconds  ISO 400, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model: Xiao Qi photography: Seven.

backlight film emphasizes the model outline, white background with dark colors costume, showing a contrasting atmosphere of a beautiful dream. Use spot metering mode alignment model light meter to determine the exposure value of the face, can actively avoid backlight condition too dark, too dark, or sketch.

average metering (also known as balance-light meters) is in most situations can be metering mode when the camera is set in this option, is an opportunity for the entire viewing window screen area metering, recommends that the direction of the front light when light or artificial light source used. Point light meter on the center point, only about pictures of 1%, so the metering, is easier to exclude high-contrast and backlighting effects. Metering point at the center of focus areas, if the model is not in the middle of the face can also conduct metering, after as long as the center-point AF and metering, AE lock button is pressed again (AE-Lock) after moving compositions can be.

actively looking for light sources

to be fixed in one place, is don't get good light, so often when moving, looking good in the limited space of the light source. Basically models there are several suitable for lighting points, such as large floor to ceiling Windows, window curtains, or open a small landscape, clever use of natural light to shoot, you can play a video texture addition and fuel effect. Among them, the large French Windows the best play of natural light, and therefore can be used as a continuous light, slowly adjust the direction and angle through the viewing window, and uniform as possible models for face and body, if contrast difference is too large, reflector can be used closer to the light, increase the shadow parts of brightness.

as regards part artificial light, because models belonging to the Interior of the room space, light suits with "light," which, with shapely natural light effect. Models again how big, space still limited, frame lamp location certainly also cannot too sloppy, generally, due to we most selection 35, and 50mm big light delineated Coke lens for shooting, plus photographer distance models quite near, if flash lamp or outside took shed lamp directly placed in photography who and models next, will caused light too near and caused fill light not are, and not natural case occurred. In order to improve this situation, we recommend carrying a few more groups before you start "power extension cord" and "Flash wireless synchronization triggers" in order to improve the flexibility of lamps placed and mobile Flash for fill light according to different scenarios.

shooting information: Canon EOS 50D+EF35mm F2.

aperture f/2.0,  shutter 1/40 seconds ISO 800, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn RAW JPEG. Model: egg photograph: Hong Jiahui.

model portrait photo shoot based on the recommendations at the time of the day, so there's natural light for light use. Sometimes through floor to ceiling Windows transmission into light inadequacies, if the measuring range selected on the models face light-light areas, can lead to other side of the face too dark. Using "reflector" moderate to fill jobs, with the high ISO values, can make models face exposure more uniform, showing a moderate endearing tones.

reflector is no sloppy, we recommend photography by peers or friends who help each other, so that the photographer can free framing and composition. Operation of the reflective panels to bottom and slowly turned around, until the model is light and fill light effect so far, otherwise it loses its fill light function.

shooting information: Canon EOS 5D MarkI I+E F 1 7 - 4 0mm F4 L U SM 17mm.

aperture f/4,  shutter 1/100 seconds  ISO100, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model: Xiao Yu photography: Seven.

a large area of floor to ceiling Windows provide excellent natural light and shoot when it is a cloudy day, so light quality fairly moderate, from a high point overlooking the model body light evenly, do not need to fill light can shoot.

(left) Canon EOS 1D Mark I IN+EF 35mm F1.4L USM. Aperture f/2.8,  shutter 1/60 seconds  ISO 200, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model:Jasy,  photography: Seven.

(right)   Canon EOS 1D Mark I IN+EF 35mm F1.4L USM. Aperture f/2.5,  shutter 1/160 seconds  ISO 100, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model:Jasy,  photography: Seven.

two similar to the composition of the photos, above, the window before shooting, is deliberately light through the glass in the following figure. When choosing a film inside a glass window, model in backlight, whereas in a glass window into the front light, atmosphere takes on a different light, readers can try different ways of lighting to display images.

use f/2.8, f/1.8, large aperture photos, as a result of scene depth, you may often find photos of focus or off Coke. Focusing DSLR usually central to the focus of the most rapid and accurate, therefore recommends that readers use the central focus, to focus on the models face action, press shutter focus several times, and keep the shutter half press and recompose after again shooting will be relatively safe. If using higher order modified DSLR, because the focusing system is stable, you can try the focus photo to focus on demand and tackle the coke one of the alternative methods of removal.

shooting information: Canon  EOS 5D MarkII+EF 17-40mm F4L USM 33mm.

aperture f/4,  shutter 1/60 seconds  ISO 500, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model: egg,  photography: Seven.

on the model of open-pit landscape shot, eat natural light is the most direct way, but as the models are enclosed spaces, light the angle of incidence is still quite limited and, therefore, taking into account the landscape with bright differences between models, still must use a reflector or flashing lights, outside shed light the lamp. In addition, the outdoor light to pay special attention, as far as possible avoid placing reflectors or other artificial light "from bottom to top," light, otherwise it will form, commonly known as "ghost light" lighting effect.

outside shed light fill light

as the model space is limited, so the actual filming, we usually put lights in far away places, and without overshadowing or reflection and other optical accessories, light effect will be more natural. The shooting also is dominated by natural light, supplemented by artificial light, so the light grasp than, about 2:1 or 3:1. In addition, when using the light, we must first note reflecting wall color, dark colors reflect light effect, so recommend reflecting white walls, the effect will be more obvious.

actively looking for scene lighting, such as the models walk a line of glass panes, may wish to use 1 broken time, quickly snapping a few relaxed style of life photo.

shooting information: Canon EOS 50D+EF35mm F2.

aperture f/2.0,  shutter 1/60 seconds ISO 800, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn RAW JPEG. Model: egg   photograph: Hong Jiahui.

shooting information: Canon EOS 5D Mark II+EF 35mm F1.4L USM.

aperture f/3.2,  shutter 1/400 seconds  ISO 400, M,  exposure auto white balance manually, turn  RAW JPEG. Model: egg   photography: Seven.

in the open landscape, may wish to have the model lie directly on the ground, so the light is uniform and not only enough to simply use the reflector models face lit up slightly, and then measuring the composition shot, they can get a portrait of a bright and colorful works.

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